01-09-2016 Minutes


Jan 9th, 2016
The monthly Blue Knight Meeting convened @ 6:30 p.m. at D-Rays


Brian Bylsma
Carey Balentine
Gregg Bishop
Tommy Jackson
Michael Jackson
Michael Campbell
Johnny Rodriguez
Michael Leleux
Russ Fraser
Todd Allen
Chad Scow


Kay Bylsma
Teri Balentine
Nancy Jackson
Cindy Jackson
Mitzi Scow
Sarah Allen


  • Minutes:  Motion made by B. Bylsma to forgo the reading of meeting minutes due to the Secretary not being present. seconded by G. Bishop.  All in favor.

Members attended meeting –11
Family/Guest attended meeting –6
New Applications – 0
Pending – 0
Active Members – 30


  • Treasure Report:  J. Rodriguez provided a treasures report due to the Treasurer not being present.    $3,098.27 in the account, 1 Bill to pay: $75.25 to Martin Embrodiery.  Motion to accept dues report made by T. Allen, seconded by M. Campbell.  All in favor. 


  • Brian Daniels Event:   President Bylsma brought up an event on January 24 at Blaine’s Pub.  Mr. Brian Daniels, a local member of the Cooking for Christ team and responsible for setting up many local fund raisers, including the one for Sgt. Korby Kennedy at the Little River Club this last year that raised over $14,000.00.   Mr. Daniels has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  The event will be from 12 noon until 7 p.m.
  • There will be food and a raffle to raise money for the treatment of Mr. Daniels.  There was some discussion about taking up a donation for Mr. Daniels which brought up the idea of some of the members pulling out money from their pockets.  The following members donated the listed amounts.
  • Gregg $50.00, Russ $40.00, M. Jackson $50.00, Todd $25.00, Mike C. $50.00, Carey $50.00, Leliux $40.00, TJ $20.00 and JRod $40.00.  Total of $365.00.   If any other     member wants to donate to this cause, please contact President Bylsma or Adam Cooper with your donation. 
  •  Iron Butt Run: President Bylsma then brought up the next Iron Butt in April of 2016.  Brian stated that the entry fee was $100.00.  He also stated, he had both Sponsor letters and Rider registration forms if anyone needs one.  He recommended that any rider who wants to participate, should consider getting sponsors to help with the expense of the ride. 
  • Next, he brought up the route, which he stated would be the same as last year.  There was some discussion about the route, and the time to start the ride. 
  • Gregg brought up the possibility of starting at 10:00 instead of at 7:00.  His idea was to allow out of towners time to check out of hotels or grab some breakfast.  The argument against was that it would put us back here early in the morning, just about sunrise or so. 
  • JRod brought up the possibility of using the same route but go backwards.  Some argument was that the original idea was to get us past out of the hill country, deer country, during the daylight hours.  The rebuttal to that was that from Cisco to Brownwood is some of the most densely populated hog country.  Ultimately it was decided to start at 7 and go backwards from last year. 
  • Ride For Fallen: The Ride for the Fallen was then brought up by President Bylsma.  He stated that the ride is going to be on Saturday May 7, 2016.  The host hotel has not been decided, but it will not be the hotel from last year.  He stated that as soon as he knew something more, he would notify the Ride Captains to look at a route and time to depart.  Generally we leave at about 1100 on Friday and spend two nights in the hotel.  The only stipulation is that we want to eat in Marble Falls at the Bluebonnet Café. 


  • Little League Event:  Todd then brought up that at this point, the little league event has been moved from April 9th to April 2nd and we will not be able to assist them.  T. Allen stated, if there is a change to the event date, he will notify the members.


  • New Member:  President Bylsma wanted to introduce some new members, Chad Scow who works for Irion County and his wife Mitzi who works for Tom Green County in the jail.  Also introduced Russ Frazier as our new chaplain.  Russ is the minister of the Biker Church.  Russ has 10 years’ experience in law enforcement, his brother Scotty is a Sgt. for DPS in Brownwood, and his dad is the former Texas Ranger George Frazier. 


  • Safety Officer:  JRod then stated that President Bylsma has appointed him as the club’s Safety Officer.  JRod told the members that he hopes to have something new on the website in the safety officer’s portion every month.  President Bylsma recommended setting a date so members would know when to start looking.  It was decided that the 15th of the month would be the deadline for each new article. 


  • Patches:  President Bylsma then passed out new office patches to JRod, M. Jackson, and for the treasurer.  He then announced that he has three full sets of patches for sale for $100.00.  He also brought up that International has approved a one-piece patch to replace the present three piece set.  The reason is that in Europe, some nations are outlawing three piece patches as belonging only to outlaw biker groups.  Chad Scow’s wife Mitzi then gave us a check for $105.00.  $100.00 for patches and a $5.00 donation for the club.  Mike Jackson then gave us $10.00 for a “San Angelo” patch.


Jaime Padron Memorial Ironbutt Run
Date: 2 Apr 2016
Time:  7:00 am
Location:  Padron Park 2700 Ben Ficklin Road

RGC Convention
Date:  14-17 Apr 2016
Time:  8:00am
Location:  Galveston Texas

Ride for Fallen
Date:  6-8 Apr 2016
Time:  10:00am
Location:  Austin Texas