01/11/2017 Minutes

Blue Knights XXXV
Jan 11th, 2017

The monthly Blue Knight Meeting convened @ 6:35 p.m. at Loc Panchitos

Brian Bylsma
Carey Balentine
Mike MaGee
Michael LeLeax
Todd Allen
Lonnie Beardon


Teri Balentine
Karen MaGee


  • Minutes:  Motion made by M. MaGee to forgo the reading of meeting minutes, seconded by T. Allen.  All in favor.

Members attended meeting –6
Family/Guest attended meeting –2
New Applications – 0
Pending – 0
Active Members – 26




  • Treasure Report:  A. Cooper was not present for the meeting but provided Bylsma with report.  $3,444.36 in the account. All bills paid.  Motion to accept dues report made by B. Bylsma, seconded by C. Balentine.  All in favor.


  • Support Patches:  T. Allen discussed the issue of purchasing support patches.  Allen made a motion to order 10 patches,  seconded by Bylsma.  All in favor. 


  • Board Member Appointment:  Bylsma briefed the members with the re-charter, Josh Loudermilk did not re-charter and that his position as Board Member/Director was currently vacant.  Bylsma requested authorization from members present to be able to appoint a member to fill the position for the remaining time period.  All members agreed and authorized the appointment. 


  • Bylsma appointed M. MaGee to the vacant Directors position.  M. MaGee accepted the appointment. 


  • Mike Campbell:  Bylsma reported Board Member/Director Michael Campbell was currently in Shannon Medical Center.  Bylsma stated, he was advised he was not sure if the admission had anything to due with Mikes cancer. 


  • Padron Ironbutt Run:  Scheduled for 01 Apr 2017.  Bylsma reported the information for to event was posted and sent to a number of clubs along with local media. 


  • Boss Memorial Run:  T. Allen reminded members this years Boss Memorial Run is scheduled for 22 Apr 2017 in Abilene, Texas


  • Ride For Fallen:   This years event is scheduled for the weekend of 28-30 Apr 2017.  As of this date no information has been received for the Memorial parade.  POC for run will be J. Rodriguez.


  • Kennedy Memorial Run:   Bylsma discussed the Kennedy Memorial Run.  Members agreed for a car show, Motorcycle run and bike games.  POC for the events will be S. Fullerton (MC Run),  T. Allen (Bike Games), B. Bylsma and M. Jackson Car Show).  All agreed to schedule a committee meeting for the event at a later date. 


  • Veteran Patches:  T. Allen discussed the possible purchase of Veterans Patches.  It was agreed Bylsma would send out a text message to all members requesting Veterans status and branch. 


  • Motion to Close at 7:45pm by B. Bylsma, seconded by M. MaGee, all in favor.


Padron Ironbutt Run:  Scheduled for 01 Apr 2017, Jaime Padron Park. 

Boss Memorial Run:  Scheduled for 22 Apr 2017,  Abilene, Texas

Ride For Fallen:   Scheduled for 28-30 Apr 2017, Austin, Texas

Kennedy Memorial Run:  Scheduled for 03 Jun 2017, San Angelo Stadium Parking Lot.