03-07-2014 Minutes

 March 7, 2014

The monthly Blue Knight Meeting convened @ 6:30 p.m. at T-Bears.


Brian Bylsma
Johnny Rodriguez
Doug Shoemate
Mike Jackson
Sean Fullerton
Gregg Bishop
Michael Campbell
Carey Balentine
Johnathon Welch
Cobey Bradshaw


Carey Balentine made a motion to forgo the minutes. 

Members attended meeting –10
Non-members attended meeting –4
New Applications – 1
Pending – 0
Active Members – 30


  • Treasures report:  4,459.58 minus 3000.00 to Iron-Butt money with a balance of 1,459.58.   Brings up two things:  (Item #1) Food for blue Line, if were going to buy food thats all the money we have.  (Item #2)  We need to make sure the Scholarship Fund is set up so we can do something with this money.  If it is set up and it is not a charitable organization we will have topaz taxes on the money.  Tax man has last years taxes to  be filed as required by law.  B. Bylsma made a monition to accept the treasures report, seconded by C. Balentine.  All in Favor.




  • Jaime Padron Scholarship has been established with the San Angelo Area Foundation.  They are tax-exempt non-profit organization.  There will be a link on our website linked to the Area Foundation that will allow for donations.
  • Iron-butt patches will be shipped out next week, vendor is meeting the Ironbutt standards at no extra charge. 
  • A portion of the money raised will be going to the Blue Knights TX XXXV and remainder will be going to the Scholarship.  Goal to be donated is $5,000.00.  (Johnny Padron is aware of this).
  • Police Escort is currently being coordinated with Round Rock Police Department.  Minimum Round Rock City limits to Harley Davidson.  Call into KXAN News Media in the Austin area.
  • Schedule a meeting to decide number of workers needed.

Blue Line Ride:

  • Deadhorse will be holding event that night. Ballentine coordinate with stores.  Flyer is being developed.
  • Trying to get a hold of a band to play,  MaGee will assist with cooking.  Fullerton will work on food donations.  Pins have been ordered (100).  Bishop will be coordinating with the female vendors.
  • Funds raised will be decided between the Scholarship and the Boy's & Girls Club.
  • Bradshaw reported they currently have collected 5-6 items for the silent auction.  Currently checking with the others sponsors on the list.  Bishop advised the sponsors in Abilene have stated they will be donating and he will take care of them.
  • Rich Jumper, Corley Frieghtliner advised they could possibly donate a Yeti cooler for auction or another items


Zoie Clark Benfit:

  • We will meet behind Eskimo Hut, Go to Family Power Sports, Ride starts and ends at Dream Trikes.  Boondocks will have food, live band and silent auction. 

Bandits Game:

  • Wil meet in the Stripes Store Coliseum/N Chadbourne, will be provided food, tickets will be provided to everyone riding on the field.
  • Want us on the field during the opening ceremonies.  This will give us the local Public Relations.
  • Shorty Radde, Reserve Deputy from Sterling County interested in joining the Knights.



  • Motion by B. Bylsma to close at 7:02pm, seconded by G. Bishop.  All in favor.




Sean Fullerton has agreed to schedule our weekly Blue Knights rides.

Date:  TBD
Time:  TBD
Location:  1st National Bank/Eskimo Hut on Koenigheim

Next Meeting TBA