03-23-2016 Minutes

Blue Knights XXXV
Mar 23rd, 2016

The monthly Blue Knight Meeting convened @ 7:05 p.m. at T-Bears Cafe


 Brian Bylsma
Doug Shoemate
Gregg Bishop
Todd Allen
Adam Cooper
Johnny Rodriguez
Tommy Jackson
Chad Scow
Syed Shah


Sarah Allen
Josh Allen
Irma Rodriguez
Kay Bylsma



  • Minutes:  Motion made by J. Rodriguez to forgo the reading of meeting minutes, seconded by T. Jackson.  All in favor.

Members attended meeting –9
Family/Guest attended meeting –4
New Applications – 0
Pending – 0
Active Members – 27





  • Treasure Report:  A. Cooper provided a treasures report.  $3,719.21 in the account. Money includes  $366.18 from Blue Line Ride and $198.75 for the  Ironbutt Run.  Motion to accept dues report made by B. Bylsma, seconded by T. Allen.  All in favor.


Ironbutt Run: 

  • Patches in for Iron Butt, bill is $206.63,  24 riders pre-registered - 3 from Chisholm Trail 82, 3 from BK TX 13, 9 from HOG Odessa, 5 from BK 35 plus 1 guest and  3 individual riders.
  • Permit for the park, Parks Dept waived the permit fee
  • Insurance fee was $47.21 paid by B. Bylsma
  • Motion to pay bills presented by A. Cooper, second by T. Jackson.  All in favor.
  • Motion to reimburse to B. Bylsma by J. Rodriguez, second by A. Cooper.  All in favor.
  • Iron Butt is Ready To Go! Registration starts at 0700, last bike out at 0730

RGC in Galveston- April 14th-17th

  • B. Bylsma will be attending the RGC Convention, representing TX XXXV.  Bylsma will be riding to the event with members from TX XVII out of Midland.

Lake View Little League Carnival April 9th, 0800 to 1200

  • All members and family invited.
  • Motion to pay for 150 buns by B. Bylsma, second by G. Bishop

Green Knights Twist Your Nuts at ACME Harley Davidson

1st Annual Boss Memorial Run in Abilene,TX-April 30th, Kents Harley Davidson, Kickstands up at 0600

Ride For the fallen-May 6th, Meet at Eskimo Hut at 1000

June 12th-15th- Police Games, we are still in need of a POC for this event. 

  • The SAPD Motors Division are asking for volunteers to assist as spotters

June 25th-Kennedy Memorial at 0930 at the crash site and then to Abilene, for Pay It Forward Event hosted by VFW.



  • New Member:  Motion to accept S. Shah as new member by B. Bylsma second by T. Jackson.  All in favor


  • Welch and Bradshaw have dropped membership and turned in their colors to Bylsma. Per Bylsma, both are still considered members until dues time next year.


  • Motion to pay for tags for B. Bylsma's trailer of $57.50 by D. Shoemate, second by J. Rodriguez.  All in favor.


  • T. Allen reported having a POC information for a seamstress.  If you need any sewing done (i.e. patches) contact T. Allen


  • Dinner runs are coming up, if you have any recommendations of good restaurants please contact T. Allen


  • A. Cooper has been contacted by Family Power Sports. They are interested in throwing a Bike Night and have invited BK 35 to attend. Dates are forth coming.
  • Motion to Close at 8:13pm by B. Bylsma, seconded by T. Allen, all in favor.




3rd Annual Jamie Padron Ironbutt
Date:  02 Apr 2016
Time:  7:00am
Location:  Jaime Padron Memorial Park

2016 RGC Blue Knights Conference
Date:  14-17 Apr 2016 
Location:  Galveston, Texas