05-11-2015 Minutes

Blue Knights XXXV

June 11, 2015
The monthly Blue Knight Meeting convened @ 6:30 p.m. at D-Rays Burgers

Brian Bylsma
Carey Balentine
Michael Campbell
Gregg Bishop
Michael Jackson
Lindy Therwhanger
Todd Allen
Adam Cooper
David Faison


Teri Balentine


  • Minutes:  Motion made to forgo the reading of last meeting minutes due to Secretary not being present by Brian Bylsma,  second by Carey Balentine.  All in favor.

Members attended meeting –9
Family members attended meeting –1
New Applications – 2
Pending – 0
Active Members – 32


  • J. Rodriguez was not present for the scheduled meeting.  Bylsma reported there was currently $5,165.00 in the account.  The amount includes $4,37.00 raised from the Blue Line Ride.   Currently we are waiting on an invoice for (4) complete Blue Knights Patch Set order


  • Blue Line Ride:  Final numbers are in, a total of $4,037.00 was raised from the event.  $1,400.00 has been repaid to the club for the recent donation to the Padron Scholarship Fund.  $525.00 bill for Ride Pins was paid.  Remaining $2,112.00  will be donated to the Concho Valley Home for Girls & Emergency Shelter.     


  • Ride for Fallen:  (9) Nine members and (3) three wives rode to Austin and participated in the 2015 Ride for Fallen. 


  • New Members:  Officer Ruiz and Officer Herrington turned In applications for membership with the Blue Knights.       


  • Josh Mitchell Memorial Trek:  Bylsma Ride for Fallen:  (9) Nine members and (3) three wives rode to Austin and participated in the 2015 Ride for Fallen. 


  • 2016 Police Olympics:  Bylsma briefed members on the request for financial assistance with the Police Olympics.  T. Allen made a motion to decline the financial donation, but to offer volunteer service to the events, seconded by Balentine.  All In favor. 


  • T. Allen asked about the possibility of having a committee established to schedule rides, for the next year and have them scheduled on the website and/or Facebook.  I advised “Yes”.  T. Allen stepped up to be a Road Captain.  The committee will consist of T. Allen, B. Bylsma and M. Campbell


  • G. Bishop raised the issued on Club Rides.  Stated there have been some members that have gone on weekend rides that were not advertised to other members.  Bishop recommended the credit for club rides be for rides advertised to all members.  I reminded all members present when the mileage recognition would be allowed to any two members riding together.  This was established due to the various shift schedules members have.


  • Bylsma briefed members elections were coming up this year and that J. Rodriguez was possibly stepping down as Treasure.


  • Leadership Appointment:  T. Allen was appointed as a Road Captain, replacing S. Fullerton



2nd Annual Joshua Mitchell Memorial Trek

Date:  25 Jul 2015
Time:  0545
Location:  1st National Bank/Eskimo Hut on Koenigheim

Next Meeting TBA