11-07-2013 Minutes

Blue Knights XXXV

November 07, 2013

The monthly Blue Knight Meeting convened @ 6:30 p.m. at T-Bears.


Brian Bylsma
Priscilla Massey
Robert Massey
Carey Balentine
Michael Campbell
Gregg Bishop
Johnny Rodriguez
Jonathon Welch
Colby Bradshaw
Sean Fullerton


Johnny Rodriguez made a motion to forgo report. Second by Michael Campbell.

Members attended meeting –10
Non-members attended meeting –0
New Applications – 0
Pending – 0
Active Members – 30


Treasures report:  $2,914.71.00  of which a $500.00 donation from Bill Pritchard for the Iron Butt Run.  Brian Bylsma made a motion to accept treasures report and it was second by Carey Balentine.




  • There were no other nominations for board members.  There were no contested positions and Brian Bylsma made a motion that we forgo a formal election.  The motion was second by Robert Massey.  (Motion passed)
  • Brian Bylsma made a motion to list the president on Blue Knights bank account and to remove Allen Turner.  Motion was second by Priscilla Massey.  Persons authorized to access the account will be the president, Brian Bylsma, and/or the treasurer, Johnny Rodriguez.
  • Contact was made with patch vendor in reference to Iron Butt patch.  The large patch will cost 10.00 dollars and the small patch 2.00 dollars.  Before an order can be placed the vendor will require a letter with the Iron Butt letter head email authorizing the patch.  Brian Bylsma will get with Sean Fullerton to set this up.  We need to decide how many patches to order.
  • The Midland and Austin associations have indicated an interest in participating in the Iron Butt Run.  We have a call in to the Harley Davidson in reference to the fundraiser to help benefit the run.
  • Chapter renewal needs to be done by the end of November.  Dues are 38.00 dollars.
  • Brian Bylsma and Priscilla Massey will receive training on keeping up the Blue Knight Website once it is established.
  • There will be a onetime fee of 300.00 dollars and then a 20.00 dollar monthly fee to host the website.  Motion made by Brian Bylsma to accept the fees and it was second by Gregg Bishop.
  • Sean Fullerton has set the date for the Iron Butt Run which is to be held on April 05, 2014.  The route has been laid out and accepted by IBA.  Permission was received to use the logo and the name.  You must be a member of IBA and get a patch ---- 35.00 dollars. 
  • Sean Fullerton has gotten a sponsor and received 750.00 dollars.  A portion of this donation will be used to pay for fees and fuel with the remainder to be used for the scholarship once the Padron family has set up the scholarship. 
  • All members are tasked with getting sponsors/donations to help fund the scholarship, pay for fuel and fees for the members participating in the run.  As a group our goal is to raise 5,000.00.
  • Sean Fullerton made a motion that all riders fees be paid out of the sponsors’ money, even if a member was unable to secure any donations.  The motion was second by Priscilla Massey.  Please make an effort, however, to work on getting sponsors.
  • Sean Fullerton is working on getting details on how the run should be conducted.  An average speed of 70 mph will average out to 500 miles in 7 hrs.  There will be plenty of time for breaks (barring any complications).
  • Motion was made by Brian Bylsma and second by Robert Massey that the start and finish line should be at the Jaime Padron Memorial Park.  Brian Bylsma will work on reserving the park.  A committee will be needed to work out the details for the participating riders.


  • 14-Sept-13:  4 Riders, 35 Miles  -  Rudy Sosa Fundraiser
  • 17-Sept-13:  3 Riders,  1759 Miles  -  Biker, Blues & BBQ Arkansas
  • 21-Sept-13:  10 Riders, 130 Miles  -  2013 Cheyenne Rally
  • 29-Sept-13:  2 Riders,  135 Miles  -  Sterling CIty, Bronte San Angelo Ride
  • 11-Sept-13:  2 Riders,  727 Miles  -  Fredericksburg, 3 Sisters Run
  • 12-Sept-13:  3 Riders,  562 Miles  -  Kerriville, 3 Sisters Run
  • 29-Oct-13:  2 Riders,  215 Miles  -  Schneider, Texas
  • 31-Oct-13:  6 Riders,  5 Miles  -  Glenn MS Red Ribbon Event
  • 2-Nov-13:   3 Riders,  55 Miles  -  Green Knights Toys for Tots Ride


Sean Fullerton has agreed to schedule our weekly Blue Knights rides.
Date:  TBD
Time:  TBD
Location:  1st National Bank/Eskimo Hut on Koenigheim

Next Meeting TBA