12-03-2015 Minutes

Blue Knights XXXV

Dec 3rd, 2015

The monthly Blue Knight Meeting convened @ 6:30 p.m. at D-Rays



Brian Bylsma
Carey Balentine

Gregg Bishop
Michael Jackson
Todd Allen
Adam Cooper
Michael Campbell
Johnny Rodriguez
Michael Leleux
Justin Baker


Teri Balentine
Cindy Jackson
Debra Bishop
Amy Wright
Stephanie Cooper



  • Minutes, motion made by C. Balentine to forgo the reading of meeting minutes, seconded by T. Allen.  All in favor.

Members attended meeting –10
Family/Guest attended meeting –5
New Applications – 1
Pending – 0
Active Members – 30



  • Treasure Report:  J. Rodriguez provided a treasures report.  $3,400.00 in the account, 2 Bills to pay: $240 to Media Jaw and $529 in Annual Dues.  Motion to accept dues report made by M. Campbell, seconded by G. Bishop.  All in favor. 


  • Police Rodeo:  Police Rodeo present by B. Bylsma:  Police Rodeo will be held 12-15 Jun 2016, during the 2016 Police Games.  The Blue Knights have been requested to assist with spotters during the event.  If at all possible plan and schedule time Off to assist in the event.


  • Hunt for Heroes Parade:  Hunt for Heroes Parade 12/10/15- POC G. Bishop:  Bishop provided details surrounding the event and advised a more detail email will be sent to everyone.
  • Christmas Light Tour: Lights Tour 12/19/15 @ 1900 at the Post Office on Bryant Blvd.  Members of the Combat Vets and Green Knights have been invited.  Bishop will also contact and invite the Patriot Guard.  Dinner Gathering at Los Panchitos Restaurant on Bell Street


  • New Member:  B. Bylsma briefed members Justin Baker, TX DPS completed an application to be a member of the Blue Knights.
  • Airman at Base/3yr old and 6 month old need assistance: Club will donate Gift Card and Christmas Card- All Donations needed by Dec 15th.  B. Bylsma made a motion to collect donations and card for the family, second by G. Bishop.  All in favor. 
  • Event Invite:  The Combat Vets to go to the V.A Hospital in Big Spring on Dec 5th- Meet at Shell Station (29th and Bryant) @ 0900, KSU 0915.  This invite was sent to members via email due to short notice.   
  • Dues:  Need to be in by December 15 for Re- Charter
  • PayPal: Rodriguez addressed the issue with members paying dues by paypal the club looses $1.40.  Issue was addressed on possibly increasing the payment amount.  Pay Pal Dues for this year was left at $38.00.  This matter will be re-discuss at a later date to raise the payment amount to cover cost (convenience fee).  Motion made by B. Bylsma, second by M. Campbell.  All in favor.
  • Need to Recruit Members:  Currently at 30 members which includes, 27 Regular, 2 Honorary and 1 Chaplain
  • Honorary Members:  Motion made by B. Bylsma, Second by M. Campbell that the number of Honorary member be directed by International by laws, as long as last honorary member understands he can be relieved if Membership falls below limits set by bylaws.
  • Road Captain:  Recognition of M. Jackson as Road Captain by T. Allen
  • Motion to Close: Motion made to close at 7:54pm by B. Bylsma, seconded by M. LeLeuz, all in favor.



Hunt for Heroes Parade
Date: 10 Dec 2015
Time:  TBA
Location:  1st Financial Blank (Behind Eskimo Hut)

Christmas Light Tour
Date:  19 Dec 2015
Time:  7:00pm
Location:  Main Post Office (Downtown)