Blue Knights XXXV S

Blue Knights XXXV

 September 06, 2013

 The monthly Blue Knight Meeting convened @ 6:30 p.m. at T-Bears.


Brian Bylsma
Priscilla Massey
Robert Massey
Carey Balentine
Michael Campbell
Gregg Bishop
Joshua Loudermilk
Johnny Rodriguez
Ben Spencer
Bo Hunter
Jonathon Welch
Colby Bradshaw
Tommy Lind
Sean Fullerton


Brian Bylsma made a motion to forgo report. Second by Gregg Bishop.
Three new members:  Colby Bradshaw, Jonathon Welch, and Jose Ruiz.
Members attended meeting –14
Non-members attended meeting –0
New Applications – 0
Pending – 0
Active Members – 32



  • Treasures report:  After paying the IRS 400.00, plus new member dues the balance is 1,990.00.  (Give or take a few cents. Sorry J. Rod was called away)





  • Nominations were held for new board members and will remain open until the next meeting.
  •  Brian Bylsma was nominated for president by Priscilla Massey and second by Robert Massey. 
  • Carey Balentine was nominated for vice president by Bo Hunter and second by Michael Campbell. 
  • Johnny Rodriguez agreed to stay for another term and was nominated by Brian Bylsma and second by Michael Campbell. 
  • Priscilla Massey was nominated for secretary by Gregg Bishop and second by Carey Balentine.
  • Board members nominated by Carey Balentine and second by Brian Bylsma are Bo Hunter, Joshua Loudermilk, and Michael Campbell.
  • Colby Bradshaw was nominated for Sgt. At Arms by Ben Spencer and second by Joshua Loudermilk.
  • The Road Captain is an appointed position and is currently being held by Sean Fullerton.
  • All nominations were unanimously.
  • October will be time for re-charter and dues will be due.  (38.00 dollars)
  • Scott Carson is no longer a reserve officer and is no longer qualified to be a Blue Knight but is invited to attend all rides and events. 
  • Sean Fullerton has been tasked with putting together the 1st Annual Texas XXXV Jaime Padron Memorial Iron Butt Run (1000 miles in 24 hours) which will start April 05, 2014 and end back in San Angelo on the anniversary of Officer Padron’s EOW, April 6, 2014. Brian Bylsma made a motion tasking Sean Fullerton to spear head the run and it was second by Michael Campbell.
  • The funds from the fund raiser will go to a scholarship fund, in the name of Officer Padron, to a local college student.  This is being done with the blessing of Jaime’s parents.  They have been advised that the bulk of the money raised will go to the scholarship with a small portion being used for our overhead.
  • The exact route for the Iron Butt Run will be announced by Sean Fullerton at a later date.  Blue Knights Texas XIII, from Austin, will be participating during a portion of the route.  The route will be going through Austin and will be stopping at the Round Rock Harley Davidson, where Jaime purchased his motor cycle, with the media being present.  Brian Bylsma will be asking Austin Police Chief Acevedo for a police escort when the rider go through Austin. 
  • Brian Bylsma’s son designed a patch for the memorial run and he made a motion that the design be accepted.  It was second by Carey Balentine and passed unanimously by members present.
  • All participants will receive a patch and an Iron Butt membership number.
  • We will need volunteers who will not be participating in the run to help with the administrative part (official time keepers) and anything else involved while the riders are on the run.  We will also be having the media present here in San Angelo for when the riders come in.
  • We are asking members to seek sponsors to help with donations to help pay for the fuel and for the scholarship fund.  Brian Bylsma and Sean Fullerton are making a personal goal to raise 500.00 dollars each.  If anyone is able to get sponsors please try to get the money in advance so that we know how much we have to work with.
  • Upcoming events:  09/07/13 @ Pecan Creek Pavilion – BBQ from 2pm to 4pm to benefit a local realtor who has been diagnosed with cancer.
  • 7th Annual Cheyenne Rally is September 21, 2013.  Run will start at Family Power Sports and registration will begin at 0900 hours.  Ride fee is $25.00 and first bike out at 1000 hours.  Ride will end at Concho’s Downtown, 125 E. Concho.  Anyone wanting to participate meet at the Eskimo Hut at 0815 hours.  Kick stands up at 0830 hours. (Don’t be late.)
  • October 05, 2013 will be the Rio Vista Park dedication to Jaime Padron.  All Blue Knights are being asked to attend.  (Brian Bylsma will send out a time  and location to meet)


  • 29-Jul-13  2 Riders,  85 miles,  Paint Rock - Eola,    Heronema & Hulsey
  • 5-Jul-13  4 Riders,  440 miles,  Eunice NM Parade,  Bylsma, Balentine, Bishop, Shoemate
  • 1-Aug-13,  5 Riders,  154 miles,  J. Mitchell Memorial Run, Bylsma, Balentine, Bishop, Rodriguez, R. Massey
  • 4-Aug-13,  4 Riders,  1077 miles, Sturgis Rally, Sturgis SD,  Bylsma, Bishop, Balentine, Campbell
  • 8-Aug-13,  2 Riders, 683 miles,  Black Hills, South Dakota,  Bylsma, Campbell
  • 8-Aug-13, 2 Riders,  582 miles, Black Hills, South Dakota, Balentine, Bishop
  • 10-Aug-13, 4 Riders, 1070 miles, Sturgis Rally, Sturgis SD (Return), Bylsma, Balentine, Campbell, Bishop
  • 28-Aug-13, 3 Riders, 276 miles, Llano Trip Coopers, Hunter, Welch, Bradshaw
  • 3-Sep-13,  2 Riders, 225 miles, Abilene Texas, Welch, Bradshaw


  • 28 Rides,  4562 miles, accumlative miles 15,096


  • Sean Fullerton has agreed to schedule our weekly Blue Knights rides.
  • Brian Bylsma and T.J. Jackson will be organizing a ride to Luckenbach and Three Sisters with an overnight stay in Fredericksburg.

         Date:  October 12, 2013
         Time:  TBD
         Location:  1st National Bank/Eskimo Hut on Koenigheim

Next Meeting TBA