January Meeting Minutes

 January 10, 2014

The monthly Blue Knight Meeting convened @ 6:30 p.m. at T-Bears.


Brian Bylsma
Robert Massey
Doug Shoemate
Mike Jackson
Sean Fullerton
Gregg Bishop
Bo Hunter
Carey Balentine
Orlando Villarreal


Gregg Bishop made a motion to forgo the minutes.  It was second by Sean Fullerton.

Members attended meeting –9
Non-members attended meeting –0
New Applications – 2
Pending – 0
Active Members – 30


Treasures report:  2,281.58 minus 500.00 to Blue Line with a balance of 1,781.58.  Major expenses will be Re-charter 631.50 and Web Site 607.70 plus 20.00 dollars a month service fee.  Motion to accept the minutes were made by Gregg Bishop and second by Sean Fullerton.




  • Iron Butt – Bylsma request that everyone makes a personal goal to raise 500.00 dollars at a minimum each rider will have to pay for their registration. 
  • Fuel reimbursed to those members who attempt to meet their 500.00 goal.  Check the Web Site for information on Pre-registration, rules, liability form, and donation request letter.
  • Blue Line Ride set for April 19, 2014.  Same route as last year and will be held at San Angelo Power Sports.  Sean Fullerton will be taking care of food donations.  Loudermilk, Welch, Bradshaw, and Hunter will be working on getting silent auction items.  Bylsma will contact Suddenlink about shutting down the road between Suddenlink and Power Sports.
  • Permits paid for – Insurance will be required by the city for Iron Butt.
  • All the memorial repairs have been paid off.  Motion was made to keep the proceeds from the Blue Line Ride to remain locally for:  Local Police Memorial, Boys & Girls Club, etc. 
  • Lanie Rogers (manager/owner) from the Deadhorse wants to sponsor Blue Line participants again this year.


  • Bylsma made a motion to pay for the PIN once it has been designed and approved.  Second by Fullerton. 
  • We have 100 lanyards available.
  • In order to get mileage credit there has to be 2 or more members riding or rider must be on club business that has been approved by either the president or vice president.
  • The Padron Family is very thankful for all the Blue Knights are doing or will do in the future to keep Jaime Padron’s memory alive.
  • February meeting will focus on Blue Line.
  • June 12 – 15 Rio Grande Conference.  If attending you need to make reservations ASAP.  The main hotel is full will have to reserve a room at the overflow hotel or elsewhere.  Info on conference on Weblink or club website.  Registration fee is 75.00.




Sean Fullerton has agreed to schedule our weekly Blue Knights rides.

Date:  October 12, 2013
Time:  TBD
Location:  1st National Bank/Eskimo Hut on Koenigheim

Next Meeting TBA